The Old Knight Greatshield is a greatshield in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

An undated ancient greatshield
Wielded by a warrior from a time so ancient that there exists no record of his endeavors. Has extremely low durability.
Sometimes, just as a thing falls to pieces, it unleashes its last flash of great power...


Located in Harvest Valley behind a wooden wall which must be crushed by a large enemy. This wall can either be crushed by the Mounted Overseers or by a special NG+ red phantom enemy which spawns behind the wall.


This shield has maximum protection against physical damage, but has terrible elemental defenses. It makes up for it, however, with its outstanding auxiliary defenses. The shield is also lighter than most greatshields, which is odd for an Old Knight item. Like all Old Knight equipment, it has a 5% chance to explode upon being broken.


  • The imagery carved on this shield is a depiction of the sun as it originally appeared on the Aztec calendar.
  • Though the Old Knights supposedly used this greatshield, they are never seen using it.
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