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Olaphis is a mentioned location in Dark Souls II.


Olaphis was a kingdom that once stood on the land which corresponds to the domains of Drangleic under the reign of King Vendrick[1]. The country is one of many kingdoms of the region that rose and fell from the collapse of Heide[2] to that of the kingdom of Alken and Venn[3].

Olaphis was a country of extraordinarily advanced technology and magic, developed in both sorceries and pyromancies, and its craftsmen were able to create excessively complex halberds like the Helix Halberds[4] and powerful staves like the Staff of Wisdom[5]. The core of the kingdom was located around the immense fortress of the Bastille[6], but the land under its control extended as far as the region that would be called Brightstone Cove Tseldora during the times of Drangleic[7][8] and artifacts of this civilization can also be found in the location of the Shrine of Amana[9]. In fact the kingdom mined the brightsone, gems infused with magic as they were fragments of an ancient powerful being[10][11], and turned them into crystal which were used in their catalyst for sorceries, thus greatly amplifying the might of the magic casted and increasing its efficacy over time as the crystal would be further polished by the great magic power of the user[5].

Straid of Olaphis

Straid, the great mage of Olaphis.

At one point, the kingdom of Olaphis invited the great sorcerer Straid into the country for his immense and varied knowledge[12]. Straid was indeed an extraordinarily talented mage well-versed in every aspect of sorcery and pyromancy but but his continuous search for knowledge led him to never stay in one place for too long[13]. Straid, however, remained in Olaphis for a long time and began to hone his magic to very high levels, even creating new sorceries and pyromancies and thus earning himself the reputation of "great mage of Olaphis"[13]. He was able to devise a sorcery like Soul Bolt, capable of firing a blinding and piercing bolt of souls, perfecting a previous spell that would back-fire on its caster[14]. He also created Homing Soul Arrow, a sorcery capable of fire souls arrows that followed their targets and even the more powerful variant of Heavy Homing Soul Arrow[15]. He also created pyromancies such as Lingering Flame, capable of releasing a static fireball that would explode when foes approached[13], and Flame Swathe, that could envelop far away foes in flames and make them burn[16]. Straid also used the brightstones already in use in Olaphis[5] to create magnificent magical rings such like the Dispelling Ring capable of increasing defenses from fire, magic, lightning and darkness and the Ring of Resistance capable of increasing resistance to poison, bleeding, petrification and curse[17]. These masterpieces were created with preeminent arts that harmonized the power of four brightstones possessing different effects into a single one, highlighting the immense skill and talent of their creator[18]. However, the sorcerer was constantly and absolutely ignorant in his research and crafts and, also due to his arrogance and sense of superiority, he never took on any apprentices[16].

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The Bastille is turned into a prison for the undead.

At a certain point, as has already happened in the past, the First Flame began to fade and consequently the undead began to appear[1]. Initially, the curse was seen as a disease and therefore to contain it the undead were captured and locked up in the Bastille fortress in order to protect the land from the spreading curse [6]. However, given the true nature of Undeath this wasn't enough and the king of Olaphis became wracked with fear and suspicion and started to see the progenitor of curse in anything and everything as the curse continued to spread across his kingdom[19]. In a foolish attemp to keep the undead out of sight and erase the threat he would imprison everyone suspected to be the vessel for the "disease" in his castle that became a prison[6][1]. Now paranoid and aware of his own frailty, the king seized anybody that he perceived as a threat and he found undesirable, cursed or no, and impounded them in the prison fortress, everything and everyone deemed detestable and inconvenient or that shouldn't be seen was locked up there[1].

The king's insecurities finally turned to the great mage Straid who had once been welcomed into Olpahis. The sorcerer had understood how the cyclical nature of the Curse of Undeath was linked to the strength of the flame and how what was happening in the region had already happened many times in the past, leading various kingdoms to flourish only collapse after a short time, only for the almost extinguished flame to be eventually revived and leading to the formation of new countries[1]. Straid's power and knowledge became the subject of fear and he was tricked into a trap, petrified and imprisoned in the Bastille[12][20][21]. Since he had never taken apprentices most of his wisdom and results were thus lost with him as he remained locked[16] and, after him even the other sorcerers of Olaphis suffered dreadful persecution and were imprisoned too[19]. As the fortress of the Bastille reached the point of being saturated with undead, the king of Olaphis buikt the an immense underground port and used the Flexile Sentries, monstrous creatures born from the fusion of a pair of serpentine beings, to cram the prisoners into crude ships and sent them to the sea to certain death[22]. Many sank with the ships, but a small number of survivors drifted to the south and settled down[22]. In addition to the problem of the curse the Northern Sea became terrorized by the Varangians, a group of sea-faring marine warriors.[23][24]. These sailors used Sea Bows with extended range to hunt down from afar the sea beasts were they travelled[24]. The king launched a campaign to capture the Varangian pirates, but rather than imprison them, forced them into hard labor at No-man's Wharf where they worked to fill crude ships with the undead prisoners of the Bastille's prisons[19].

Eventually the kingdom of Olaphis collapsed due to the curse turning the majority of its population into undead and hollows and the mad purges of the king. However traces of its culture remained in the region through history. The Bastille became the stronghold of the kingdom of Venn, where the Belfry Luna of the princess was built[25], defended by Belfry Gargoyles which imply how this new kingdom had recovered the ancient knowledge to recreate these golems[26] together with even more ancient sorceries[27], while the Kingdom of Alken was able to recover the Flame Swathe pyromancy of Straid[28]. Some of the wise men who survived the purges of the king of Olaphis and the desperate sea voyage and reached the south imparted their knowledge about sorcery and pyromancy to the land where they ended up[22]. Olenford in particular became revered as the father of sorcery in the country that they would help found and that would became known by the name of Melfia[29], thus inheriting the magic knowledge from Olaphis[29]. Much later King Vendrick and his brother Aldia conducted research on Olaphis, managing to rediscover Straid's sorceries like Soul Bolt[30].