Northern Undead Asylum

The Northern Undead Asylum is a location in Dark Souls.


The Northern Undead Asylum is where the Chosen Undead begins their pilgrimage and acts as a tutorial stage.


The Chosen Undead is prophesied to have left the Asylum. A body yielding a key is dropped into the cell of the Chosen Undead. The Asylum Demon guards the exit.


It is possible to return to the Northern Undead Asylum after operating the elevator that acts as a shortcut between Firelink Shrine and Undead Parish Church. But the Asylum has changed since the Chosen Undead's escape. Tougher enemies, as well as the optional boss, Stray Demon, awaits.

To return, one must climb to the top of the ruins in Firelink Shrine and reach the Giant Crow's nest.


The Northern Undead Asylum lays in the far North. It serves as a giant prison for the Undead[1] branded with the Darksign, allowing them to be reborn after death.[2] All Undead are corralled and led to the Asylum, meant to reside here till the end of the world. In ancient legends there is said that one day a particular Undead will be chosen (then known as the Chosen Undead) to escape the asylum and go on a pilgrimage to Lordran, land of the ancient gods.[3] The Chosen Undead is equipped with a unique key.[4]

Escaping from a cell does not guarantee success,[1] as the Asylum Demon watches over the Asylum's main door. The guarding demon wields a hammer carved from stone archtree.[5] Raven (although commonly referred to as a crow) waiting at the outside is the Firelink messenger, guiding the Undead to the land of ancient gods.[6]


There are two Bonfires in Undead Asylum:

  • The first is reached before encountering any hostile enemies; in the courtyard before the doors leading to the Asylum Demon.
  • The second is found at the bottom of some steps in the area immediately after the Asylum Demon ambushes the Chosen Undead.



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Undead Asylum RevisitedEdit






  • Stray Demon (optional boss - When entering the area where the Asylum Demon is fought, the floor breaks, dropping the player into the arena)

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  • The Northern Undead Asylum is one of the few areas visited by the player that is not located in Lordran or Oolacile.




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