For the Dark Souls equivalent, see Dusk Crown Ring.
For the Dark Souls III equivalent, see Dusk Crown Ring (Dark Souls III).

The Northern Ritual Band is a ring in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

One of the secret treasures restored in Aldia. Increases spell uses, but at the cost of HP.
This modest-looking ring contains very powerful magic. To imagine what unspeakable deeds were performed to create such rings, one need only recall the cruel fate of the residents of Aldia.


The regular version increases spell uses by 10% and decreases HP by 20%. The +1 version increases spell uses by 20% and decreases HP by 35%. The +2 version increases spell uses by 30% and decreases HP by 50%.


Found in Sinner's Rise behind an illusory wall where the Enhanced Undead are located.

The +1 variant is a gift from Carhillion of the Fold for having 30 Intelligence or can be looted after killing him.

The +2 variant can be found in Aldia's Keep, near the several mirrors that spawn grey phantoms, after the bone dragon and Royal Sorcerer Navlaan.

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