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For other uses, see Moveset (Dark Souls II) and Moveset (Dark Souls III).

Moveset refers to the attacks that can be performed when using weapons in Dark Souls.

General information[]

Every weapon has a moveset. Some weapons share a similar moveset while others have one or more attacks that are completely unique.

Weapons that list multiple Attack Types deal a different physical damage type when a particular attack is executed, which is usually the one or two-handed Strong Attack.


The attacks of a weapon's moveset along with controls are listed below.

Attack Controls
PS3, PS4 XBOX360, XBox One PC
(Defaults, can be customized.)
One-handed Weak Attack R1 Right-bumper Left-click
One-handed Strong Attack R2 Right-trigger Right-click
Two-handed Weak Attack Two-hand + R1 Two-hand + Right-bumper Two-hand + Left-click
Two-handed Strong Attack Two-hand + R2 Two-hand + Right-trigger Two-hand + Right-click
Jump Attack Flick left-analog + R2 Flick left-analog
+ Right-trigger
Tap W/A/S/D + Right-click
Running Attack Run + R1
or R1 after Backstep
Run + Right-bumper or
Right-bumper after Backstep
Run + Left-click
or Left-click after Backstep
Rolling Attack R1 after Roll Right-bumper after Roll Left-click after Roll
Kick Flick left-analog + R1 Flick left-analog
+ Right-bumper
Tap W/A/S/D + Left-click
Left-handed Weak Attack L1 Left-bumper Shift
Left-handed Strong Attack L2 Left-trigger Tab