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Mirrah (ミラ) is a mentioned location in Dark Souls II and Dark Souls III.


Mirrah Chain Set

The armor of the knights of Mirrah.

Mirrah is a land located to the east of Drangleic[1].

Mirrah is known as a land of knights and in fact the country is constantly in the midst of war against its neighboring enemies, making its orders of soldiers the most important element of their society to ensure the kingdom's survival[2]. For this reason children are recognized as adults only after they join an order of knights and distinguish themselves on the battlefield, a fact that highlights how every inhabitant of the kingdom is called to participate in the army to regenerate the losses of constant wars and the importance that serving in the military has in the culture of Mirrah[2]. Because of this, even a person born into poverty, regardless of their gender, could aspire to wealth and fame by climbing the ranks of the army, a dream shared by many among the peasants that aspired to become a knight and escape their hardships[2][3]. Thanks to one's strength and loyalty to one's lord, anyone could, by distinguishing themselves on the battlefield, be admitted into the elite ranks of Mirrah's official order of knights[2][3].

The official knights of Mirrah wore their formal attire of chainmail that featured their heraldry: a stag set against a blue field[4] and received their shield, as a symbol of the greatest knights' strength and willingness to give their lives for their country[5], and a greatsword that required advanced sill and an unique sword technique[6]. They were expected to fight honorably and rely only upon their swordsmanship[7][4]

In Mirrah there is also the particular order of the Magic Knights. This group of soldiers was created out of the need to deal with enemies capable of using sorcery and for this reason they employed the ancient miracles of Havel like Great Magic Barrier to obtain a protective magical membrane capable of giving them a "rock-like" body that would defend them from magic, lightning, fire and dark spells. These knights, despite their pride of relying only on their swordmanship, were thus able to fight on equal terms with the sorcerers thanks to the power of the gods[8].

However another traditional order is that of the Shadow Knights, which focuses on assassinations in the cover of darkness[9] and for their skills were often hired as bodyguards too[10]. They quietly carry out unspeakable tasks and use any means necessary to carry out their orders[1][11], using a peculiar Shadow Dagger, formed by bending a sword into the shape of a dagger[9], and armor to hide in the cover of the night[10]. These knights even employ sorceries like Fall Control and Hush to facilitate their surreptitious activity, reducing the sounds they make and the damage they take from falls[1][11]. Some of these assassins at some point fled the order of shadow knights, rejecting all forms of honor, and resorted to unseemly mercenary work[9].

Holy Water Urn (DSIII)

An urn containing the holy water of Mirrah.

Under the old capital of Mirrah there is a secret spring that retained divine powers and for this reason gushed forth water with healing properties. This miraculous water was extracted, bottled and distributed while maintaining the secret of its location, thus guaranteeing the kingdom a very important resource of healing for both its population and the army[12]. However Mirrah has been constantly at war recently, making the acquisition of its water not as easy as before, obviously not only due to the difficulty of external trade but because the water would have been allocated with priority within the land[12]. The excellent alloy called "geisteel" had also been invented in the country of Mirrah and it was never sold abroad. The method of manufacture was kept secret as it provided the kingdom's troops with a clear military advantage as it allowed the creation of equipment that was both light and strong[13][14].

During the heyday of Drangleic, King Vendrick ordered Chancellor Wellager to hire a craftsman who knew how to manufacture the "geisteel" alloy and thus gain an advantage for his army. Wellager managed to bring the craftsman Llewellyn with him thanks to an immense salary, thus stealing the secret of the artisans of Mirrah[13]. Llewellyn thus became the castle's resident master smith and began working for Vendrick, distinguishing himself for his lack of ostentation and focus on simplicity and strength. Forging armor only for a selected few, including the chancellor himself and the Stone Soldiers[15] and Stone Knight[16], long daggers and shields[17]. Towards the end of his reign, Vendrick hired some of the deserting Shadow Knights from Mirrah to fight against the hollows in an attempt to stave off the curse that was plaguing his kingdom, putting them to work in the No-man's Wharf where they sent the imprisoned undead to die in the sea[18], but before long they became hollow themselves[10].