Mirrah is a mentioned location in Dark Souls II and Dark Souls III.


Mirrah is a kingdom to the east of Drangleic. It is known as the land of knights and is consistently at war due to surrounding threats.

Mirrah is famous for its knight orders. Both Lucatiel and Aslatiel are part of one of the most important knight orders in Mirrah. Creighton was also part of this order; however, he deserted and became a murderer.[1] Further evidence for this is found when Cale says that a murderer escaped from prison right before his execution in Mirrah. This murderer, Cale continues, has a striking resemblance to a man he saw a few days before. He can't recall this man's name, but remembers it was something similar to "Cray".

However, another well-known yet less conventional order of knights also exists in Mirrah, the Order of Shadow Knights. This order is tasked with assassinations, and members use magic to carry out orders covertly.[2][3][4] The assassins hired by King Vendrick to fight against the hollows were from this order.[5]

Mirrah is also famous for having a spring of holy water located in its capital. However, due to recent wars it is difficult to reach.[6]


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