Miracle Synergy is a gameplay mechanic in Dark Souls.

General InformationEdit

Miracle Synergy takes effect when players cast certain miracles whilst online, which creates resonance rings in the worlds of other online players, boosting their miracle power when they cast them in the vicinity of the rings. Resonance rings appear as small white circles floating slightly above the ground.

The Ring of the Sun Princess acts as a portable resonance ring, granting the player miracle synergy as long as it is worn. Wearing the Ring of the Sun Princess while standing next to a resonance ring results in a double synergy boost (although it does not necessarily make the synergy twice as powerful; see chart for details). Without the Ring of the Sun Princess, it is possible to have the benefits of a double synergy boost, but only when casting miracles near three resonance rings.

Nine miracles benefit from miracle synergy, as listed below:

Miracle Synergy Boost Double Synergy Boost
Bountiful Sunlight 20% more health restored 40% more health restored
Emit Force 5% more damage 10% more damage
Force range increased slightly range increased slightly
Great Heal 3.1% more health restored 6.3% more health restored
Great Heal Excerpt 1.6% more health restored 6.3% more health restored
Heal 8.3% more health restored 16.6% more health restored
Replenishment 20% more health restored 40% more health restored
Soothing Sunlight 4.2% more health restored 8.4% more health restored
Wrath of the Gods 4.5% more damage 9% more damage


Prior to patch 1.06, miracle synergy didn't work on the PS3. They were never encountered, with one exception: two resonance signs were always present near the bottom of the Catacombs (regardless of time of day or online status), right before the valley that leads to Pinwheel. However, they did not synergize with miracles.

As of patch 1.07, miracle synergy doesn't work on the PS3. It is likely that this will not be resolved on the PS3, as there most likely will be no more updates.