Millwood Greatarrows are a type of ammunition in Dark Souls III: Ashes of Ariandel.

In-Game Description

Heavy, sturdy greatarrows made of black oak that deal heavy damage but have limited range.
Can only be fired using a greatbow.
It is said that the Millwood Knights used these to face their sworn enemy, the Abyss Dragon.



Millwood Greatarrows function much like Large Arrows do for conventional bows, in that they deal more damage, but reduce the bow's effective range.

Care should be taken when using these arrows, as like Onislayer Greatarrows, they are incapable of knocking down their targets, with the only exception being certain weaker enemies upon headshot. As such, they should primarily be used to inflict damage on targets rather than attempting to displace them.

Because of the slow drawing nature of greatbows, it is ideal to equip the Hawk Ring, fire the arrows from an Onislayer Greatbow or fire the arrow using the Puncturing Arrow skill, in order to counter the reduced effective range of the greatarrows.

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