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Messages are an element of gameplay in Dark Souls. They are created by using the Orange Guidance Soapstone.

General information[]

Messages allow players to share information with other players in other worlds. They appear on the ground as pulsating runic orange text. Standing over a message will give the option to read it.

Only a few messages are viewable in an area at any given time. The number of messages viewable can be temporarily increased by using the miracle Seek Guidance. This will also reveal hidden messages left by the developers.


Icon Ratings
Stub Icon Developer Message
Undead Merchant Icon 0-100
Solaire Icon 101-200
Domhnall Icon 201-300
Knightess Icon 301-500
Frampt Icon 500+

Along with the text contents of the message, messages have a rating. Messages can be rated using either the Orange Guidance Soapstone or the gesture button. A positive (+) or negative (-) rating can be given based on if the player found the message helpful or not. The rating shows how many times this message has been rated, but not how many of these rating were positive or negative. The player can only see the composition of ratings while using Seek Guidance. Developer messages can not be rated.

Ratings also determine the image that accompanies it. How many ratings a message has received will change the icon it uses.


Messages left by the player must follow a template of predetermined words and phrases. Developer messages do not have to follow the template and may contain phrases and symbols not available to the player. The player first selects a base phrase, then chooses a fill phrase to complete the sentence. Some of the base phrases are already complete sentences and can not be added to.

Removing messages[]

The player can see any messages they have left, their positive and negative ratings, and their location by using the Orange Guidance Soapstone. From this menu the player can choose to delete one of their messages. Alternatively, a player can delete a message by activating it at its physical location.


  • If a player leaves a message while in another player's world, or vice versa the host leaves a message while a phantom is present, the message may not be visible to the other player.