King Vendrick

The Memory of the King is a location in Dark Souls II.


Upon downloading the Crown of the Sunken King DLC and obtaining the Ashen Mist Heart, the player can enter a memory of Vendrick from before he went hollow. The memory is accessed through the pile of armor in Vendrick's arena, whether or not he has been slain. In the memory, Vendrick will be unhollowed and completely sane, allowing one to speak with him.

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Vendrick's blessingEdit

If the player has obtained the King's Crown along with the rest of the ancient crowns (Crown of the Sunken King, Old Iron King and Ivory King) and bring them to Vendrick in this place, he will grant them his blessing, which infuses them all with a hidden ability that prevents the player from becoming hollow by any means while wearing any of them and also grants immunity against the Curse status ailment.


  • Each crown obtained unlocks Vendrick's next dialogue.
  • In order to receive Vendrick's Blessing, the player must actually have to bring all four crowns to him (just having them stored in the item box won't be enough).
  • Upon attacking Vendrick, he will say "Foolish..." in a disgruntled tone and the ashen mist will fade, removing the player from the memory. The player may still re-enter the memory without any consequence.
  • Once Vendrick has given his blessing to the crowns, the Memory of the King cannot be entered again.
  • If the player attempts to run back through Velstadt's arena while in the memory, the ashen mist will fade and the player will be returned to the Undead Crypt.


  • Velstadt was absent from the hallway leading into Vendrick's room. This was fixed in Scholar of the First Sin. He can now be seen far in the distance, though he cannot be approached, as he is too far away and the ashen mist fades too quickly.
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