Melfia is a mentioned location in Dark Souls II.


The kingdom of Melfia is located to the south of Drangleic.

It is a land known for its magic warriors, who used powerful sorceries during battle. One of the most favored sorceries among the Melfian soldiers was the Soul Greatsword, whose similarities with mêlée combat made it popular with the magic warriors of this land.[1]

Melfia is most famous for the Melfian Magic Academy where sorcerers from all over came to learn about magic and pyromancy. It was founded long ago by several mages that were banished from the kingdom of Olaphis due to the king's distrust in magic.[2] The Melfian Academy has also been known to actively deny the existence of certain Gods, particularly Gwynevere.[3] The Melfian Academy, with purists in particular, disdains anything vaguely connected to swordplay, as well.[4] Sorcerers at the Academy have attempted to imbue titanite with elements, but all attempts were said to fail.[5]

The quartz rings were gifted upon students that reached a certain level in their studies. Pyromancer Glocken and Carhillion of the Fold were both teachers in the academy. Rosabeth of Melfia was a student of both. Felkin the Outcast was also a student here before he began to study dark magic. Olenford was also a great mage from Melfia and presumably the academy.


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