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Masterless Glencour is a phantom in Dark Souls II.


Masterless Glencour is a white phantom available for summoning in the Heide's Tower of Flame and Frozen Eleum Loyce area. In Heide's Tower, his sign is located just to the right of the Dragonrider's fog gate on a broken ledge and in Eleum Loyce, his sign is near the first bonfire.

In Scholar of the First Sin he can be summoned as a shade in Belfry Luna. His sign is found underneath the stairs on the second floor of the belfry. His purpose here is probably to help against gray spirit invaders, though he can also help against the Belfry Gargoyles if taken up to the boss fight fast enough.


Masterless Glencour Portrait

A fearless knight wielding an ultra greatsword and shield, Glencour wears a mixed set of armor consisting of the Hollow Soldier Helm, Heide Knight Chainmail, Royal Swordsman Gloves and Royal Swordsman Leggings. He wields the Zweihander and the Varangian Shield.  


Glencour's strong tank and melee proficiencies make him a powerful ally against not only the large Old Knights, but also against the Dragonrider and the Old Dragonslayer, making both battles significantly easier. Glencour is not invincible, though; he will require strong support from the player against the Old Dragonslayer, otherwise, he will be vanquished quickly due to his somewhat slow pace. Glencour is also capable of parrying the Dragonrider and will inflict massive damage on him, given the opportunity.

When fighting against Aava, the King's Pet, he still deals sufficient damage to the boss.


  • You can summon him for both fights. Even with Dragonrider dead his sign doesn't disaapear.
  • In NG+ and beyond, the Belfry Gargoyles are likely going to kill him very fast.