Manikins, also known as Masked Manikins, are a type of enemies in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

A fickle queen gave them life, and tore off their faces. How else could she forgive those who dared gaze upon her? The peculiar art of puppetry is a vestige of the two lost lands. A queen breathed life into these dolls with the very miasma that afflicted her poison-drenched bosom, so that she would have slaves to serve her temperamental will.[1]
These advanced puppets were given life by the Baneful Queen, and she uses them to lure unsuspecting fools into her traps. Once upon a time, the Manikins had heads, but the Queen ripped off their faces in a fit of rage. Watch yourself, or yours will be next.[2]


They are found in Earthen Peak.


There are four variations of this enemy; the variations wield daggers, sabres, bows or claws. What they lack in raw power, they make up for in speed.


Unless the player can act faster than them, a high stability shield is recommended. Wait for them to strike, then counter with a high-damaging weapon. They are certainly more threatening in numbers.


  • If two or more are engaged at once, a single strike on the player can easily lead to being stun-locked to death.
  • Even though headless, they can still suffer from headshot damage.


  • These enemies were originally planned to wear white masks. However they were later changed to be headless.


Item Manikin Sabre
Manikin Sabre
Manikin Knife
Manikin Knife
Manikin Claws
Manikin Claws
Poison Arrow II
Poison Arrow ×3
Poison Throwing Knife II
Poison Throwing Knife ×3
Drop Rate ???
(Sword wielder)
(Dagger wielder)
(Claw wielder)
(Bow wielder)
Item Manikin Top
Manikin Top
Manikin Gloves
Manikin Gloves
Manikin Boots
Manikin Boots
Manikin Shield
Manikin Shield
Drop Rate ??? ??? ??? ???



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