Man-grubs are enemies in Dark Souls III.


Man-grubs appear as disfigured humans whose lower bodies have been replaced with a maggot-like tail. Most Man-grubs will try to tackle and scratch the player in an attempt to kill them, but some also wield staves that they use to cast unique sorceries.

They can also vomit maggots at the player. If this attack connects, the player will be covered by countless maggots that cause gradual Bleed build-up for a long duration. The maggots can be removed by equipping and swapping to a torch.


  • Cathedral of the Deep
    • The first Man-grub the player is most likely to encounter can be found clinging to a wall behind the Giant Slave blocking the way to the area boss.
    • Several Man-grubs are found throughout the cathedral's second floor, with a high number being near Rosaria's Bed Chamber.
  • Grand Archives
    • A lone staff-wielding Man-grub can be found along the rafters of the library section, just below Gertrude's bird cage. The player will most likely encounter it after traveling through most of the level and then making their way down from the archives' dome.


Item Undead Hunter Charm
Undead Hunter Charm
Duel Charm
Duel Charm
Red Sign Soapstone (DSIII)
Red Sign Soapstone
Heysel Pick
Heysel Pick
Xanthous Crown (DSIII)
Xanthous Crown
Drop Rate ???
(staff wielder)
(outside Rosaria's Bed Chamber)
(Rosaria's Bed Chamber)
(Rosaria's Bed Chamber)


  • The many cribs found in the cathedral's bed chamber may imply Rosaria gave birth to all Man-grubs.
  • A dead Man-grub can be found in a semi-secluded area of the lake surrounding Irithyll, from which the Great Heal miracle can be looted.
  • They have distinguishable feet at the end of their tails.
  • A non-hostile Man-grub will appear in Rosaria's Bed Chamber and will drop the Heysel Pick along with the Xanthous Crown regardless of whether or not Yellowfinger Heysel was killed as an invader in the Road of Sacrifices or Farron Keep. This implies that Heysel was in fact reborn too many times, thus becoming a Man-grub herself.


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