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For the Dark Souls variant, see Magic Weapon.
For the Dark Souls III variant, see Magic Weapon (Dark Souls III).

Magic Weapon is a sorcery in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

Sorcery that imbues weapon in other hand with magic. Adds magic damage to the types of damage the weapon already inflicts.
Wielding a sword and casting a sorcery are two different things, and some members the Melfian Magic Academy view these varieties of spells impure.


Bought for 2,000 souls from Carhillion of the Fold in No-man's Wharf or Majula.


Applies a Magic buff to the weapon in the hand opposite the staff used to cast the spell. Though it is weaker than the Great and Crystal variants, Magic Weapon's high amount of casts, long duration, and low requirements means it can serve to boost a player's damage output throughout entire areas instead of needing to be saved for single engagements or boss fights.

The total bonus is difficult to calculate, but is roughly 15% of the sum (30 + weapon's Magic scaling * character's Magic bonus + weapon's Base damage), with a small additional damage bonus on Magic infused weapons.

The duration scales with Intelligence, starting at about a minute at 10 Intelligence and reaching a maximum of slightly over 2 minutes at 15 Intelligence.

Attunement milestones[]

Like all other spells, the amount of casts per slot increases upon reaching certain Attunement milestones:

Attunement Level Amount of Casts
10 8
26 9
32 10
43 11
49 12
58 13
79 14
94 15
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