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The Magic Shield is a small shield in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

Small shield used by Leydia apostles. Imbued with a special magic that allows spells to be deflected by parrying.
The Leydia apostles were inhabitants of the Undead Crypt, but failed to treat death with the proper respect. As punishment, they were denied peaceful deaths.


Drops from the Leydia Apostles in the Undead Crypt.

One could simply clear the large hall before the fight with Velstadt, and continuously ring the bell beneath the staircase to continuously farm for the shield, as it would not require the use of a Bonfire to respawn them. Simply ring the bell once more, whenever the Apostles are dead, to spawn additional ones.


The Magic Shield, as the name of the shield may imply, boasts excellent elemental defenses, and the highest base magic defense of any shield in the game, while weighing only 2.0 units and having an appreciable physical damage reduction. It can also deflect spells with a parry, though the window is marginally-longer due to the animation.

While it may seem like an excellent shield for countering mages and the like, it also possesses a dangerously-low stability, being much lower than most other small shields, save for the Foot Soldier Shield. One should be cautious not to block one too many attacks with the shield, as their guard will certainly break easily if it is overworked.

Infusing this shield with a faintstone will grant it a 100% damage reduction from magical attacks, though some damage will still bleed through due to the nature of certain sorceries.

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