For the Dark Souls variant, see Magic Barrier.
For the Dark Souls III variant, see Magic Barrier (Dark Souls III).

Magic Barrier is a miracle in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

A miracle encasing the body in a magic barrier. Increases resistance to magic, lightning, fire and dark.
This miracle is said to shield its caster with the Rock's armor, and was common amongst the wizard knights of Mirrah.



This miracle casts an aura around its user, causing them to become extra resistant towards Fire, Lightning, Magic and Dark attacks by 150 for the duration of 90 seconds. In addition, Magic Barrier can affect allied players within a certain radius. This trait is not shared by Great Magic Barrier.

Attunement milestonesEdit

Like all other spells, the amount of casts per slot increases upon reaching certain Attunement milestones:

Attunement Level Amount of Casts
10 2
32 3
49 4
94 5
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