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Magerold of Lanafir

Magerold of Lanafir is a character and merchant in Dark Souls II. He is voiced by Joe Sims, who also voiced Creighton.


Magerold of Lanafir can be found sitting in the same manner as the Undead Male Merchant from Dark Souls, surrounded by his belongings and wares in a side corridor near the first bonfire in the Iron Keep


Magerold is mainly a treasure hunter scavenging the Iron Keep for any valuable items, however, he has come too late, seeing that previous comers have already picked the area clean. Magerold can induct players into the Dragon Remnants covenant if they have a Petrified Egg in their inventory.

Character information[]


Hexes Dark Hail
Dark Hail ×1
Darkstorm ×1
Souls 1,500 4,700

Items Human Effigy
Human Effigy ×1
Green Blossom
Green Blossom ×10
Black Firebomb
Black Firebomb
Charcoal Pine Resin
Charcoal Pine Resin
Repair Powder
Repair Powder ×1
Souls 3000 1,300 300 1,500 2,500
Items Rusted Coin
Rusted Coin ×5
Hello Carving
Hello Carving ×1
I'm Sorry Carving
I'm Sorry Carving ×1
Thank You Carving
Thank You Carving ×1
Very Good! Carving
Very Good! Carving ×1
Souls 900 2,000 2,000 2,000 2,000
Items Fragrant Branch of Yore
Fragrant Branch of Yore ×1
Souls 7,500

Sorceries Soul Arrow
Soul Arrow ×1
Great Soul Arrow
Great Soul Arrow ×1
Heavy Soul Arrow
Heavy Soul Arrow ×1
Great Heavy Soul Arrow
Great Heavy Soul Arrow ×1
Fall Control
Fall Control ×1
Souls 1,500 3,000 2,000 4,500 4,800

Armor Jester's Cap
Jester's Cap
Jester's Robes
Jester's Robes
Jester's Gloves
Jester's Gloves
Jester's Tights
Jester's Tights
Souls 2,000 3,000 2,300 2,600
Armor Spiked Bandit Helm
Spiked Bandit Helm
Bandit Armor
Bandit Armor
Bandit Gauntlets
Bandit Gauntlets
Bandit Boots
Bandit Boots
Souls 1,000 1,600 1,200 1,300
Armor Dragonrider Helm
Dragonrider Helmet  ×1*
Dragonrider Armor
Dragonrider Armor  ×1*
Dragonrider Gauntlets
Dragonrider Gauntlets  ×1*
Dragonrider Leggings
Dragonrider Leggings  ×1*
Souls 7,200 11,500 8,000 9,300
Armor Alonne's Helm
Alonne's Helm  ×1**
Alonne's Armor
Alonne's Armor  ×1**
Alonne's Gauntlets
Alonne's Gauntlets  ×1**
Alonne's Leggings
Alonne's Leggings  ×1**
Souls 14,400 24,000 16,800 19,200
Armor Raime's Helm
Raime's Helm  ×1***
Raime's Armor
Raime's Armor  ×1***
Raime's Gauntlets
Raime's Gauntlets  ×1***
Raime's Leggings
Raime's Leggings  ×1***
Souls 7,200 12,000 8,400 9,600

Rings Cursebite Ring
Cursebite Ring ×1
Souls 9,000

* Available once Threshold Bridge bonfire in Iron Keep is intensity 2.
** Available after defeating Sir Alonne in the Memory of the Old Iron King.
*** Available after defeating Fume Knight in Brume Tower.


Item Covetous Gold Serpent Ring+1
Covetous Gold Serpent Ring+1
Drop Rate Guaranteed

Health and souls[]

Health Souls
1,560 2,808 1,650 3,300




Let's play Dark souls II - 77 - Magelord of Lanafir location and turning of the boiler room

Magerold of Lanafir location and getting the Covetous Gold Serpent Ring (1:10)