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Lycanthropes are enemies in Dark Souls III.


Vile beasts wrapped in chains with a wooden cross strapped to their backs, Lycanthropes are dormant until disturbed, at which point they fly into a feral rage. Most encountered in the marshlands of the Road of Sacrifices, a single Lycanthrope can be found locked in a cell in the Irithyll Dungeon.



Lycanthropes are initially passive and will ignore the player until they either attack them or step directly into their field of view. They are fast and aggressive creatures that primarily attack with a series of rapid slashes, though they will also use a ground pound at very close range. They also have a grab attack that drains the player's health whilst granting them a small damage buff.

Although aggressive, Lycanthropes are easy to stagger. Despite their size, they have a surprisingly small amount of HP and can be killed quickly if the player uses an aggressive approach. One-handed attacks might prove the solution if the Lycanthrope's speed outstaggers you while two-handing.


Item Ember.png
Titanite Shard
Titanite Shard
Drop Rate ??? ???


  • Affected by Alluring Skulls.
  • Affected by Rapport.
  • Similar to other enemies that carry bulky objects on their backs (like the Hollow Manservants), Lycanthropes cannot be backstabbed, though they can be parried and riposted.
  • Especially susceptible to Bleed. Can start bleeding with only two or three slashes from most weapons that deal this effect.
  • The Lycanthrope in the Irithyll Dungeon is hostile toward the player and other enemies in the area.


  • Despite being called lycanthropes, they bear no resemblance to werewolves.

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