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Lothric Priests are enemies in Dark Souls III.


Once holy clerics that have succumbed to the undead curse, these hollowed priests serve as support units to the mighty knights guarding the castle. They wield rapiers but primarily cast spells to both heal nearby enemies and provide an offensive and defensive buff.



Lothric Priests pose little threat individually but they become much more dangerous when paired with Lothric Knights or Consumed King's Knights. They will attempt to heal the enemy at every opportunity and will periodically cast a buff that increases their damage dealt by 20% and reduces their damage received by 30%. With both forms of knights already capable of raising their damage with their own spells, the presence of a priest can turn them into lethal opponents.

Priests have low vitality and will rarely retaliate if attacked; many times, they may opt to flee behind a nearby knight and then heal/buff them. The difficulty in defeating them comes from reaching them with other enemies present, so the player should either used ranged weapons to eliminate them from a distance or sprint in and eliminate them before they can buff. The latter strategy is not recommended when multiple knights are present.

Lothric Priests can heal themselves and this can become especially frustrating if facing multiple priests as they will constantly try to heal each other. Area of effect spells and skills can prove effective at eliminating them quickly if the player can group them together.

Lothric Priests' buff can be used on the player if they cast Rapport while the priest casts it, or if the player is an invader. This buff stacks with Sacred Oath and is affected by the Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring, using this can make invaders very deadly in this area.


Item Blessed Gem
Blessed Gem
Drop Rate ???