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The Lordvessel is a plot item in Dark Souls.

In-Game Description

Lordvessel bestowed upon the chosen Undead who is destined to succeed Lord Gwyn. The chosen Undead is granted the art of warping between bonfires.
To open the final door, place this vessel on the Firelink Altar, and fill it with powerful souls.


Given or dropped by Gwynevere, Princess of Sunlight after the player gains access to Anor Londo and defeats Dragon Slayer Ornstein and Executioner Smough.

General information[]

Upon acquiring the Lordvessel, players can warp to select bonfires. Players must rest at a bonfire in order to use the warping ability. It is possible to warp from any bonfire, excluding the ones in the Painted World of AriamisThe Duke's Archives, Prison Tower (though this bonfire can actually be warped from if you use it from outside the cell), and the Undead Burg. Extinguished bonfires can still be warped to.

Under the guidance of either Darkstalker Kaathe or Kingseeker Frampt, the player may place the Lordvessel at the Firelink Altar. In doing so, boss areas containing the Lord Souls and Bequeathed Lord Soul Shards will become accessible. Once the Lordvessel is satiated, the doors to the Kiln of the First Flame are made open, where they may finally face the Lord of Cinder. Players still have the ability to warp, even after placing the Lordvessel.

The Lordvessel itself acts as a bonfire after being placed, and will grant Estus according to how many Lord Souls have been added to it.

Players lose the Lordvessel and with it, the ability to warp after they progress to the next difficulty level.

List of warp locations[]

Location Notes
Firelink Shrine The starting area after the Undead Asylum.
Sunlight Altar Across the bridge guarded by the Hellkite Dragon, in the Undead Burg.
Anor Londo The first accessible bonfire, before the rotating bridge.
Darkmoon Tomb The second bonfire in Anor Londo. Accessed via the rotating bridge.
Chamber of the Princess Outside Gwynevere's chamber in Anor Londo's cathedral.
The Abyss Accessible after defeating the Four Kings.
Altar of the Gravelord Accessible after defeating Gravelord Nito.
Daughter of Chaos Located in Quelaag's Domain, near Quelaag's Sister.
Stone Dragon At the end of long beach in Ash Lake.
Undead Parish Directly above Andre of Astora.
Depths In the room at the end of the corridor full of slimes, opened with Sewer Chamber Key.
The Catacombs In Vamos's workshop (Remastered only).
Tomb of the Giants The first bonfire, just before Patches.
Painted World of Ariamis Located just before the entrance to the fort.
The Duke's Archives The balcony area, near the entrance to Crystal Cave.
Crystal Cave Accessible after defeating Seath the Scaleless.
Sanctuary Garden (AotA) Just prior to the Sanctuary Guardian boss.
Oolacile Sanctuary (AotA) The area where Elizabeth is located.
Oolacile Township (AotA) The area just after the Knight Artorias.
Oolacile Township Dungeon (AotA) The dungeon just before entering the Chasm of the Abyss.
Chasm of the Abyss (AotA) Accessible after defeating Manus, Father of the Abyss.


  • It is possible to access the Kiln of the First Flame without interacting with either Frampt or Kaathe by dropping down the opening Frampt springs from. However, doing so before placing the Lordvessel will alienate the serpents and cause both of them to leave.
  • It is impossible to summon any phantoms at any of the Lord Boss' (excluding the Four Kings) locations without placing the Lordvessel with Frampt or Kaathe. Bloodstains, Messages and player ghosts will appear as usual and it is possible to be summoned, but not to summon.
  • To place the Lordvessel under the guidance of Kaathe, one must first continue on to the New Londo Ruins and defeat the Four Kings in order to gain access to him.


  • In Dark Souls II, shards of a shattered Lordvessel can be found scattered about the ground of the basin of the mansion in Majula. Another Lordvessel, whole and unbroken, is hidden underneath the map in the same mansion: it untimately wasn't used in the finished game, but it was meant to probably be obtained once again by the player.
  • The presence of the Lordvessel as the basin in which the Firelink Shrine's bonfire is placed and the broken one found in Majula (despite being, in this case, a less natural consequence than the first case) explain why, unlike in Dark Souls, the player can teleport between bonfires from the very beginning.