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This article is about the characters appearing throughout the Dark Souls series. For the gameplay mechanic in Dark Souls III, see Host of Embers.

The Lords of Cinder are characters who have linked the First Flame throughout the Dark Souls series.


The Lords of Cinder are beings that have linked the First Flame and prolonged the Age of Fire through the centuries[1]. Although many of these champions have followed the sacrifice of Gwyn, Lord of Cinder, not everyone became a Lord of Cinder through heroic deeds or even of free will. One such case is Aldrich, who became a Lord only because he had the strength to become one, despite having obtained it by devouring an untold number of humans for his own pleasure[2].

At some point the Lords of Cinder were taken while still linking the Flame, so that they possessed Embers of it in their bodies, and were buried. This practice would have allowed for a failsafe in case the First Flame could no longer be linked, resurrecting past Lords who would have to sacrifice themselves again and donate their remaining sparks[3].

The continuous linking of the Flame led to the birth Soul of Cinder, the deific manifestation of the souls of all those who have linked themselves to the Flame through history. This being, although appearing as an empty husk, inherits all the abilities of the Lords of Cinders who have come before.[4][5] It has existed as the Flame's last defense inside the Kiln, protecting it from anyone attempting to link it again and acting as the ultimate test of their strength[6][7], a role that it has enacted for a very long time, confronting all who entered the Kiln as aspiring Lords[8]

Although the system that managed the linking of the First Flame had rung the bells to resurrect the past Lords of Cinder when needed[9], not all of them have awakened from their resting places[10]. Consequently, once the Flame eventually goes out, at some point these Lords of Cinder from the past will rise again and wander the lands like tiny flames. These beings will possess fragments of the First Flame stored within their bodies in the form of cinders, giving them the powers of the Flame in a world that will be enveloped in Darkness.[11]

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† This is dependent on the player’s actions. If the player kills the Sunlight Maggot, and then summons Solaire to face Gwyn, he will link the Fire in his own world.[12]
* Depending on the player's chosen endings, the Chosen Undead, Bearer of the Curse and Ashen One could all become Lords of Cinder.
** The Soul of Cinder is a deific manifestation of the previous Lords of Cinder.
*** Lothric, Younger Prince was supposed to link the Flame and become a Lord of Cinder but he never did.



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