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Looking Glass Set
Physical Defense 638 Poise 116
Strike Defense 555 Poison Resist 76
Slash Defense 729 Bleed Resist 156
Thrust Defense 638 Petrify Resist 0
Magic Defense 81 Curse Resist 0
Fire Defense 90
Lightning Defense 145 Durability 600
Dark Defense 81 Weight 46.1
Required & Bonus Attributes
Required Strength Required Dexterity Required Intelligence Required Faith Physical Defense Bonus
Type Armor Sets

The Looking Glass Set is a heavy armor set in Dark Souls II.


All pieces can be purchased from Maughlin the Armorer in Majula for a total of 42,000 souls after spending 1,000 souls in his shop and defeating the Looking Glass Knight.


Despite being extremely heavy and requiring at least 16 strength to be worn effectively, the Looking Glass Set provides exceptionally-high defenses, notably against lightning damage, yet still performs well against other forms of elemental damage. It is the third heaviest armor set available in the game, and unlike the last two sets (Smelter Demon Set and Havel's Set), it lacks a resistance to petrification and curse, but instead has a high resistance to poison, an unusual trait for heavy armor sets. It has the second highest total Poise out of any armor set in the game, the highest being Havel's Set.

The helm, whilst worn, increases the Faith attribute by 2 levels.

Set pieces[]