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For the Dark Souls character, see Kirk, Knight of Thorns.

Longfinger Kirk, also known as the Knight of Thorns,[1] is an enemy character in Dark Souls III.


A knight clad in the Set of Thorns and one of Rosaria's Fingers. He invades as a dark spirit, and comes armed with a Barbed Straight Sword and a Spiked Shield.

Behaves very offensively and will frequently use his sword's Stance skill in order to break through the player's defenses. His sword also has the ability to inflict Bleed damage.

Can deal contact damage thanks to the thorns that cover his armor. While the damage itself is minimal, it will also drain some poise, which may end up staggering the player and leave them open for following attacks.



If the player is embered, he invades as a dark spirit in the cloister of the main hall of the Cathedral of the Deep, shortly after exiting the rooms with a Cathedral Knight and the Deep Accursed.

Kirk will not invade if the player has already killed the Deacons of the Deep.


Invades once the player reaches the central cloistered area on the first floor of the cathedral, spawning on the opposite corridor. A Thrall will be patrolling on the left side, so it is advised to take it out first lest it meddles during the fight.

The player may start attacking Kirk at a distance as soon as he finishes spawning, although after being hit once or twice he will start evading most attacks.

While coming equipped with a shield, Kirk will rely more on an offensive approach. Since he keeps his defenses down for most of the fight, the player may take the first step and receive him with a two-handed attack. He will frequently use Stance in an attempt to break through the player's defenses. Lure him into attacking and make him miss, then counterattack.

When attacked, he will often roll in the player's direction in an attempt to inflict contact damage thanks to the thorns that cover his armor. The damage is minimal, although it does drain some poise; evade to the side. If he manages to inflict damage, don't lose composure and gain some distance, as attacking him at this moment usually means taking more damage from his armor due to being in close proximity to the player.

Throwable weapons like knives or kukris are useful against him during the fight.


Item Barbed Straight Sword
Barbed Straight Sword
Spiked Shield
Spiked Shield
Drop Rate Guaranteed Guaranteed



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