Londor is a mentioned location in Dark Souls III.

Lore[edit | edit source]

Londor is Yoel, Elfriede, Yuria and Liliane's home kingdom; it is also known as the Hollow Realms[1]or the Land of Hollows.[2] It is the place of origin of the Pale Shades, a sect of assassin hollows[3] who perform atrocities in the name of the dreadful Sable Church; they were once nicknamed Harlots of Death.[4] Although a detailed description of this Church is unknown, the Morion Blade is said to be forged in a shape resembling its towers.[5]

This land is inhabited by corpses and shades of those who led unsavory lives,[1] and Hollows who are known to be incredibly old, full of deceit and dubiously secretive.[6] Most of them try to hide their appearance using certain rings.[7][6] The people of Londor were taught the art of Lifedrain, the power to absorb humanity through the use of the Dark Soul, by a primordial serpent.[2] Londor sorcerers developed their own dark sorceries, although much simpler than those descended from Vinheim.[8]

The Sable Church is known to be established by three sisters: Liliane[9][10] (the youngest), Yuria,[11] and Sister Friede (formerly named Elfriede; eldest one and leader of the Church[12]). Sir Vilhelm served the Sisters, although he was loyal to Friede in particular for a time.[13] Friede herself is said to be "a poor wench turned to ash" who once abandoned Londor by Yuria.[14] All members of the Church are trained swordsman, who cannot swore to anything but their weapons, as they bear the leaden silence present in Londor.[15]

This institution serves Darkstalker Kaathe or just primordial serpents in general.[14][16]

Speculation[edit | edit source]

The potential location of Londor is a subject of speculation, as well as the exact timing of when it came into existence.

Some evidence exists supporting hypotheses that Londor did not already exist before the events of Dark Souls III, but instead appeared later, possibly at The Dreg Heap/The Ringed City in general or heavily influenced by their culture.

  • No one knows about Londor apart from their own people, and no description mentions this land except those of items connected to and/or made in Londor.
  • The general appearance of The Dreg Heap and the case of the Stone-Humped Hag; in the Dreg Heap things that had dreadfully run their course accumulate,[17] and as mentioned before people of Londor are known to lead a dishonest life.
  • Sword of Avowal - the ceremonial sword of Londor -[18] shares a symbolism with The Ringed City, as well as within Road of Sacrifices/Farron Keep.
  • Manikins wielding Manikin's Claws are found in Earthen Peak in Drangleic; in The Ringed City, Earthen Peak is a part of The Dreg Heap. Similarly to Londor Pale Shades, they use Poison Throwing Knives and have their faces covered by masks.

Pilgrims of Londor[edit | edit source]

In Lothric only a few Pilgrims are found alive. Among them is aforementioned Yoel of Londor, Old Woman of Londor and Stone-humped Hag (judging by her appearance).

Pilgrims are seeking death,[8][19] although they do not justify why.

Pilgrims probably turn into Angels after their anticipated death, as judged by the case of the Stone-Humped Hag: after dying naturally, she turns into a non-hostile Angel towards the Ashen One. Moreover, before her death, she states that she hopes to see an angel.[20]

Angels' hosts are the Pilgrim Pupae; the usage of the word pupae suggests Pilgrim Butterflies could be their final development stage, as the name of a butterfly's stage is imago, preceded by the pupa state. One particular Pilgrim Butterfly is controlling the Dragonslayer Armour.[21]

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