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Lion Warrior Set
Physical Defense 86 Poise 0
Strike Defense 89 Poison Resist 25
Slash Defense 85 Bleed Resist 25
Thrust Defense 85 Petrify Resist 65
Magic Defense 37 Curse Resist 123
Fire Defense 35
Lightning Defense 35 Durability 175
Dark Defense 67 Weight 4.5
Type Light Armor Set

The Lion Warrior Set is a light armor set in Dark Souls II.


All parts are dropped by the Lion Clan Warriors in the Shaded Woods. The head armor however is only dropped by the gold maned version, along with a red version of the regular cape, which is superior in almost every way.


It is a very light armor set that offers great dark defense and curse resistance. It also reduces fall damage.

The value of fall damage reduction goes as followed:

Helm: 150

Cape: 150 (red version:300)

Cuffs: 150

Skirt: 300

Reference: the Silvercat Ring's fall damage reduction is 600

Set Pieces[]


The Blonde Maned Lion Warrior, aside from dropping the head piece, also drops a red coloured variant of the cape called: Red Lion Warrior Cape.