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Lindelt Clerics, otherwise known as Archdrake Priests, are enemies in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

An Undead Lindelt cleric of the mysterious Archdrake sect. Their homeland is subject to strict laws and emigration is a common means of escaping the authoritarian rule; a number of the defectors have found their way to Drangleic in an attempt to start new lives, but some have since gone Hollow and become a threat to the living.[1]



Priests from the Archdrake Sect of Lindelt. They wield a mace along with a shield.


One Archdrake alone can deal immense damage to overconfident players due to their fast attacks. It is best for players to either take one down at a time or have someone help when taking on groups. Due to their pursuing nature, if one hides in one of the huts, the Archdrake Priests will attempt to enter if the other door is left opened, catching players off guard.

Near the Rhoy's Resting Place bonfire, there are a total of six Archdrake Priests. One can be fought alone if lured inside the nearby hut while the others must be fought together, as aggroing one will aggro the whole group. If one is not cautious, they will be overwhelmed and killed quickly. The water's movement-slowing properties coupled with the Amana Shrine Maidens and Lizardmen can make fighting even a single Archdrake difficult.



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