Lindelt is a mentioned location in Dark Souls II.


Lindelt is a sacred land that was ruled over by the Royal House of Osteria. The members of this noble family were the owners of the Ring of Restoration, a protective ring passed down for generations amongst the members of the family.[1] An ancient legend says that as long as the ring was held in the House of Osteria, the people of Lindelt would live in peace and safety.[1] In Lindelt, known for its clerics and their miracles, sorcery is believed to be a profane practice.[2]

The kingdom of Lindelt was also the home to the Archdrake Sect, a religious cult known for their ancient rituals. The sect was also known for its knights who used powerful miracles during battle, a trait that made them worthy rivals to Drangleic's soldiers in their day.[3] The Archdrake Sect are the remnants of Shulva, Sanctum City,[4] and founded Lindelt[5] to preserve the city's knowledge and teachings.

Lindelt is also thought to have connection with the Painted World of Ariamis, as the Monastery Set is identical to the Painting Guardian Set in Dark Souls.


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