For the Dark Souls III variant, see Lightning Clutch Ring (Dark Souls III).

The Lightning Clutch Ring is a ring in Dark Souls II: Crown of the Sunken King.

In-Game Description

Ring depicting a hand grasping a stone.
Increases lightning attack,
but reduces physical defense.
The origin of this ring is unknown, but its design suggests one of the darker deities.
Effective use of this ring requires skill on the part of the wearer.


In Dragon's Sanctum. Found in a chest behind a locked door opened using the Eternal Sanctum Key.

General informationEdit

Increases Lightning damage on weapons infused with lightning and catalysts used to cast miracles by 30 points, but decreases the wearer's physical defenses by 80 points each.

In Scholar of the First Sin, the ring increases damage of lightning-infused weapons and chimes by 36.[citation needed]

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