Lightning is a type of elemental damage in Dark Souls III.

General informationEdit

Lightning is one of four damage types in Dark Souls III, inflicted by certain enemies, , weapons, and miracles. This element is generally effective against:

  • Drakes;
  • Wyverns;
  • Serpent-kind;
  • Most Boss knights;
  • Enemies wearing no armor;

This element is generally ineffective against:

  • Most knights;
  • Enemies using lightning;

Defense Edit

To lower lightning damage, it is necessary to increase Lightning resistance

Stats Edit

  • Levelling up will increase lightning defense, with Endurance raising it the most.

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Infusion Edit

  • Infusing weapons with a Lightning Gem will provide a Lightning Damage, which scales with Faith.

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Enemies Edit

The following is a list of enemies and bosses that can deal lightning damage:

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