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For the Dark Souls variant, see Light Crossbow.
For the Dark Souls II variant, see Light Crossbow (Dark Souls II).

The Light Crossbow is a crossbow in Dark Souls III.

In-Game Description

Standard crossbow wielded by common soldiers.
Must be readied before firing.
Bolts must be equipped in order to use crossbows. Up to two kinds of bolt can be equipped at a time, and these can be switched between as necessary.
Skill: Tackle
Lunge into a shoulder tackle, pushing back enemies to create distance.



The smallest crossbow available, the Light Crossbow is noteworthy in its ubiquity and ease of availability.

With its extremely low stat requirements and very light weight, every class in the game is capable of wielding this weapon at base Strength and Dexterity, with the majority of them being able to wield it in only one hand at those same stats. Because crossbows have no scaling, this makes the Light Crossbow useful in that it provides a form of ranged physical damage that does not require investment in physical damage stats. In particular, this is useful on builds that do not level Strength or Dexterity past nominal amounts, such as casters.

While it is not the most fearsome weapon, the Light Crossbow's ease of use makes it a worthy tool to consider carrying for whenever situations requiring the use of ranged attacks present themselves.


Upgrade Level Attack Values Aux. Effects Bonuses
Physical Magic Fire Lightning Dark Bleed Poison DSIIIWFrost Strength Dexterity Intelligence Faith
Light Crossbow 64
Light Crossbow +1 (Titanite Shard ×2 & 400 souls) 80
Light Crossbow +2 (Titanite Shard ×4 & 480 souls) 96
Light Crossbow +3 (Titanite Shard ×6 & 560 souls) 112
Light Crossbow +4 (L. Titanite Shard ×2 & 640 souls) 128
Light Crossbow +5 (L. Titanite Shard ×4 & 720 souls) 144
Light Crossbow +6 (L. Titanite Shard ×6 & 800 souls) 160
Light Crossbow +7 (Titanite Chunk ×2 & 880 souls) 176
Light Crossbow +8 (Titanite Chunk ×4 & 960 souls) 192
Light Crossbow +9 (Titanite Chunk ×6 & 1040 souls) 208
Light Crossbow +10 (Titanite Slab ×1 & 1200 souls) 224

The data displayed above are current as of Patch App 1.15 Regulation 1.35.

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