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Lanafir (ラル・カナル) is a mentioned location in Dark Souls II.


Traveling Merchant

The robes of the merchants of Lanafir.

Lanafir is a land located to the distant south of Drangleic[1].

The country is defined by the fact that it has severed its exchanges with foreign lands and follows a national policy of isolationism[1]. Consequently those who cross the borders of Lanafir to travel outisde are but eccentrics filled with curiosity for the rest of the world or not satisfied with their home[1]. The eagle that is considered a symbol of military fortune in the rest of the world, is considered a symbol of monetary fortune in Lanafir and thus its part of the robes of the traveling merchants hailing from the country[1], while their hats are blue as it represents knowledge in their homeland[1]. In addition Lanafir is known for its extraordinarily delicate artisans and for peculiar greatbows crafted from animal bones that were used in rituals or for intimidating foes[2]

In recent times Lanafir found itself attacked by several aggressors but the borders of the country were defended by the nomadic expert bowman Durgo, and his brother-in-law. Durgo become a hero through his victory in many battles, as he was blessed with the divine protection of an ancient ring that extended the range of his bow[3], and became know well beyond his homeland despire its isolationism[4]. At some point, Durgo left Lanafir and reached Eleum Loyce[5].