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Laddersmith Gilligan

Laddersmith Gilligan is a character and merchant in Dark Souls II. He is voiced by Connor Byrne, who also voiced Father Gascoigne in Bloodborne.


Laddersmith Gilligan is found in the Earthen Peak, on a ledge outside the windmill that can be accessed by breaking a wooden barrier on the level just above the Central Earthen Peak bonfire. The direct route to this spot is initially blocked by a metal gate, requiring climbing up a ladder from that floor and then dropping down the first hole in the corridor to the right, before finally landing on a wooden lift a bit below to reach the section with the aforementioned wooden barrier. He will relocate to Majula, next to the large hole in the ground, after exhausting his dialogue or defeating the area boss.


Gilligan is from the western land of Volgen. He developed an infamous reputation in his hometown as a trouble-maker and conniver, especially when it came to money. Gilligan was eventually forced to flee Volgen after running afoul of some "old pals". He fled eastward to the ruined kingdom of Drangleic, making a living by renting out his ladders and selling goods.


Gilligan will offer to build a ladder to the section below his above mentioned position in Earthen Peak in return for 2,000 souls, leading to a Pharros' Lockstone and a piece of Twinkling Titanite. After exhausting his dialogue, he will move to Majula and sit next to the deep pit. He will offer to build three ladders, of differing lengths each, down into the pit; the longer the ladder, the more souls he will request. Please note that all the ladders do not connect to platforms and will have to be fallen off in order to reach a destination, resulting in minor fall damage

  • The first ladder costs 500 souls and will be very short, barely taking players down the pit.
  • The second ladder costs 3,500 souls and will take the player approximately halfway down the pit, near the Grave of Saints.
  • The third ladder costs 12,000 souls and will take the player close to the bottom of the pit, near The Gutter.

He will give the player his unique Melu Scimitar as a gift for purchasing the longest and most expensive ladder, which will also unlock the Garrulous Miser Trophy and Achievement.

Character information[]

Health and souls[]

Health Souls
1,838 3,478 1,300 3,903



Item Ladder Miniature
Ladder Miniature
Melu Scimitar
Melu Scimitar
Drop Rate Guaranteed Guaranteed


  • In Earthen Peak, if the player does not purchase the ladder from Gilligan before he moves to Majula, they will be unable to purchase it later on. The ledge can still be reached by carefully dropping down, however, but the player will still require a "Homeward" item or spell if they wish to return safely without having to jump off.
  • If killed in Majula, his gravestone will appear at the monument near where Crestfallen Saulden is found, overlooking the sea.