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"Low-ranking knight. High HP, solid armor. Not easily toppled."
— Character Creation

The Knight is one of the Classes in Dark Souls.


The Knight is a tank class, and starts with the highest vitality value of all classes, as well as possessing the most robust equipment. This, however, comes at the price of slower movement - although the player can remove their helmet and gauntlets to allow them to medium roll at the start of the game without much defense loss. Due to their high Strength and Dexterity levels, Knights are able to easily equip most forms of weaponry, and their faith stat is high enough as to allow for Knights healing themselves with miracles. The Knight automatically begins the game in the Way of White covenant, but unlike the Cleric class, does not have access to the early-game miracles (unless they are bought from Petrus of Thorolund).

Starting Equipment[]

Starting Statistics[]

Image Stat Name Value
- Level 5
Para vit large Vitality 14
Para attun large Attunement 10
Para endur large Endurance 10
Para str large Strength 11
Para dex large Dexterity 11
Para resist large Resistance 10
Para int large Intelligence 9
Para faith large Faith 11
Total Points at Level 1 82