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King's Set
King Set
Physical Defense 323 Poise 36
Strike Defense 308 Poison Resist 122
Slash Defense 337 Bleed Resist 111
Thrust Defense 318 Petrify Resist 120
Magic Defense 108 Curse Resist 0
Fire Defense 108
Lightning Defense 85 Durability 590
Dark Defense 77 Weight 27.1
Type Medium Armor Set

The King's Set is a medium armor set in Dark Souls II.


Found in a chest behind the locked door in the Shrine of Amana after defeating Vendrick. The chest is up the path to the left of the Soul of the King. The door is in an alcove hidden by vines across a submerged bridge to the left of the ruined gates after the second bonfire, but will only be open to characters in human form.


The crown will grant the player Intelligence +3 and Faith +3 when worn. Also, upon visiting the Memory of the King with all four crowns in the player's inventory and exhausting Vendrick's dialogue, having the crown equipped will prevent the player from going hollow when killed.

Overall, his armor set boasts very well-rounded defenses and resistances, most notably its resistance to petrification, a very uncommon trait amongst medium armor sets. However, it offers an unremarkable amount of Poise for its weight.

His gauntlets are notably weaker than average.

Set Pieces[]


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