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The King's Passage is a location in Dark Souls II.


The King's Passage is a long corridor extending from the adjoining room past the Central Castle Drangleic bonfire, which serves as a connecting passage to the Shrine of Amana. Filled with broken windows and pillars, this part of the castle is filled with what remains of Velstadt's royal soldiers, flanking either side of the path atop stone perches. This passage once served as the final test awaiting those who wished to serve in Vendrick's royal guard, by testing their might against the Looking Glass Knight.

Now, this desolate and decrepit part of the castle serves as the home for the Looking Glass Knight, who to this day awaits worthy foes and defends the road to the Shrine, ensuring only the worthy may pass.

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  • At the inner end of the King's Passage stands a shrine with a bust of a knight. Behind the bust stands a blue stone table depicting the Spirit Tree, symbol of Quella, whose domain is dream and the divinity of the blurred plane in our minds and our hearts. Surrounding this shrine sit candles, lit for those lost to the might of the Looking Glass Knight.
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