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Karmic Justice is a miracle in Dark Souls.

In-Game Description

Miracle of the black-haired witch Velka. Temporary autocounter vs. heavy damage.
For each sin there is a punishment, and it is the task of Goddess Velka to define the sin, and mete out the punishment.


General information[]

Karmic Justice acts as a sort of auto-defense miracle; it unleashes a powerful shockwave in all directions once it is triggered, dealing damage and knockback to hostiles. The damage dealt by the miracle is dependent on the magic adjust of the weapon in the player's right hand, as well as if they are wearing items like the Crown of Dusk and Red Tearstone Ring. The explosion deals damage for 2.8 times the weapon's MagAdjust as magic damage.

All weapons have a MagAdjust stat, but it is only visible on weapons that can cast spells. Any weapon that does not have any Intelligence or Faith scaling will have a MagAdjust of 100. Weapons that have Intelligence and/or Faith scaling, such as any Divine weapon, will affect the damage of Karmic Justice.

Triggering is caused by five consecutive hits that deal damage to within a span of around 5 seconds of each other. Karmic Justice disappears from the player after it is triggered once; players who desire its benefits must cast it again. Karmic Justice can be activated even when the hits are being blocked by a shield, but only if damage was taken through the shield.


Karmic Justice is a unique miracle. In PvE, it can be useful to cast this just prior to fighting a large group of enemies as insurance should the player become surrounded. However, Karmic Justice won't help the player if they are killed when or before it triggers, making it less useful at higher levels of difficulty due to the high damage opponents do in NG+ and beyond. In PvP, Karmic Justice can be useful for more defensive players as a way to prevent opponents from being overly aggressive.


The hit counter required for activation of Karmic Justice remains active even during a player's dying animations, potentially setting off Karmic Justice post-defeat if opponents continue to swing at the player. 

Karmic Justice remains active for one minute or until the explosion is triggered before wearing off.