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"You're here to save me...?
But I am guilty. A wretched child of the Abyss.
Is that something you can forgive?"
— Karla

Karla is a character and merchant in Dark Souls III. She sells dark pyromancies, dark sorceries and dark miracles in Firelink Shrine after she has been freed from her cell in the Irithyll Dungeon.


Karla is a child of the Abyss, clad in grey, tattered robes and wearing a hat not unlike the one worn by Witch Beatrice. She is ashamed of her origins, but will agree to teach the Ashen One numerous dark spells, as well as certain standard pyromancies.


Karla is located in a locked cell in the lower level of the Irithyll Dungeon. In order to unlock it, the player must have the Jailer's Key Ring, found in the Profaned Capital, and then go back to the Irithyll Dungeon once more to free her.

After exhausting her dialogue and agreeing to rescue her, Karla will relocate to Firelink Shrine and become a merchant there. She can be found under the stairs to the left of Andre's smithy.

General information[]

Pyromancies, sorceries and miracles trainer. Accepts the following tomes:

In order to get Karla to accept the Dark Miracle tomes, the player must attempt to give each tome to her twice, as she refuses when initially presented with one but relents on the player's insistence.



Available Item Cost
1 Affinity 15,000
1 Dark Edge 8,000

Londor Braille Divine Tome[]

Available Item Cost
1 Dark Blade 10,000
1 Vow of Silence 15,000
1 Dead Again 5,000

Deep Braille Divine Tome[]

Available Item Cost
1 Deep Protection 4,000
1 Gnaw 2,000

Grave Warden Pyromancy Tome[]

Available Item Cost
1 Black Flame 10,000
1 Black Fire Orb 10,000

Quelana Pyromancy Tome[]

Available Item Cost
1 Fire Whip 10,000
1 Firestorm 15,000
1 Rapport 7,000


Item Karla's Ashes.png
Karla's Ashes
Karla's Pointed Hat.png
Karla's Pointed Hat
Karla's Coat.png
Karla's Coat
Karla's Gloves.png
Karla's Gloves
Karla's Trousers.png
Karla's Trousers
Drop Rate Guaranteed Guaranteed Guaranteed Guaranteed Guaranteed



  • Karla's character is based largely on that of Yuria the Witch from Demon's Souls, including her set mimicking the Old Raggedy Set as well as being rescued from a prison so that she will teach the player character heretical magic. As well, both characters are voiced by the same voice actress.