Judicator Giants are enemies in Dark Souls III: The Ringed City.


The towering overseers of the Ringed City, Judicator Giants were tasked by the gods to protect the city and its secrets from intruders. Those foolish enough to attack the city were struck down and their wills enslaved by the giants, who used them as defenses against further intruders.

The giants are led by Judicator Argo, who acts as the master of the Spears of the Church.

They have the ability of summoning the following enemies to fight for them:


  • Mausoleum Lookout - Overlooking the graveyard past the bonfire. The gravestones can be used to defend against the hail of arrows and the giant can be reached by jumping down to a bridge halfway across the area. This allows the player to sneak underneath the balcony and approach the giant without being detected.
  • Ringed City Streets - Patrolling the center of the swamp.
  • Ringed Inner Wall - Guarding the path to the Purging Monument along with two Ringed Knights. This area can only be reached by solving the Humanity puzzle.


Judicator Giants will use melee slams at close range, but their primary means of attacks is summoning the spirits of fallen warriors to assault the player. These spirits cannot be attacked and will continue to appear periodically until either the giant is slain or they retreat far enough out of their aggro range. The spirits can be summoned from anywhere as long as the giant can detect the player, even if they are out of sight. The giant raising its arms and a loud droning sound will alert the player that it has detected them.

There are three varieties of spirit summoned by the giant. The most common are archers wearing the Ruin Set that will fire several volleys of arrows at the player. The second variant is a Silver Knight that wields Ledo's Great Hammer and the final variant is a sorceress. The giant can also conjure a giant dragon head that breathes fire when the player is in close proximity.


Item Divine Blessing (DSIII)
Divine Blessing
Hidden Blessing
Hidden Blessing
Titanite Chunk (DSIII)
Titanite Chunk ×2
Drop Rate ??? ???
(first time only)


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