Jailer Handmaids are enemies in Dark Souls III.


Maidens who survived the destruction of the capital, these robed priestesses continue to watch over the ruins. They resemble the Jailers from the Irithyll Dungeon, although they wear white robes and wield daggers and flame lanterns, rather than Soldering Irons. They are also unable to drain the player's vitality by looking at them.


Profaned Capital


The Jailer Handmaids only appear in the hall outside the boss room of Yhorm the Giant, but their large numbers makes them dangerous opponents if they are alerted. It is advised to use ranged weapons to lure them away from the crowd if the player wishes to engage them. They will constantly cast fireballs at a distance, so moving in close is recommended.

The Handmaids will occasionally perform a lunging stab with their dagger, but their main close range attack is to shoot a cone of flame out of their lanterns. This attack has a large radius, but can be completely avoided by moving behind the maiden.


Item Rusted Coin (DaSIII)
Rusted Coin
Rusted Gold Coin
Rusted Gold Coin
Handmaid's Dagger
Handmaid's Dagger
Drop Rate ??? ??? ???
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