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For other games, see Item Discovery (Dark Souls II) and Item Discovery (Dark Souls III).

DS1 Item discovery stat icon Item Discovery is a gameplay mechanic in Dark Souls.


Increasing Item Discovery improves the chance for enemies to drop items. It is useful for obtaining rare items that would be otherwise difficult to obtain.

In contrast to Dark Souls II, in Dark Souls Item Discovery is a visible stat. The base value equals 100, it can be raised up to 410 by special items.

The exact meaning of these numbers is unknown, but it is believed that it directly shows by how much the chance of an item drop is increased, i.e. 410 Item Discovery means that the drop chance of any item is multiplied by x4.1. However, even this rough calculus is poorly understood, and in some cases it appears to yield a lower drop chance than expected.

Note: according to experiments done by the community, it's possible the maximum drop rate is x3.08, 75% of the expected.

It is also speculated that the stat's max range is not a hard limit, and can in fact be added to continuously, but the general obscurity of this stat makes this difficult to prove.

Increasing Item Discovery[]




  • Consuming Humanity adds a different number of points. Having 1 'liquid' humanity adds 50 points, while further consumption adds between 6 and 8 points. The maximum is +110 points achieved at having 10 'liquid' humanities. Consuming more Humanity does not visibly affect Item Discovery (though some sources speculate that it does).

Hollowing does not affect Item Discovery, only the consumption of Humanity is important.

Item Discovery values[]

Humanity Icon Humanity 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10+
Item Discovery Icon Item Discovery 100 150 158 165 173 180 186 192 198 204 210