The Iron Key is a key in Dark Souls II.

In-Game Description

Key to the iron door of the Iron Keep.
The Old Iron King's castle sunk into a lake of fire, weighed down by the castles iron, and the burden of the kings conceit.
Over the ages, the iron was stripped from the castle by opportunistic passers-by.


The Iron Key is found on a corpse under a fire trap in the first room across the bridge from the Threshold Bridge bonfire in Iron Keep

The key can be safely picked up after pulling the switch to shut off the fire traps located by the Eygil's Idol bonfire.


This key opens the door found just before the Last Giant boss fight in the Forest of Fallen Giants.

The door leads to the area with the Flame Salamanders.


  • Oddly, the Iron Key's description only refers to stories from the Iron Keep, and it is found across the Iron Bridge near the Iron Keep, all the while the door that it opens is found in the Forest of Fallen Giants. However, the story also mentions plunderers who stripped the iron from the Iron Keep castle, and since the door that the key opens is made of iron, there is reason to believe that the door itself was stolen from the castle, along with its key, and placed on its current location.


Dark Souls II - The Iron Key & Flame Salamanders-0

Dark Souls II - The Iron Key & Flame Salamanders-0

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