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Intelligence is a stat in Dark Souls II.

General information[]

The primary purpose of raising Intelligence is to increase one's Magic Bonus; however, it also slightly increases the player's Cast Speed, total HP, and Fire and Dark Bonuses (however, the Fire bonus scales with a sum of Intelliegence and Faith while the Dark bonus scales with the lower of those two stats).

The class with the lowest starting Intelligence is the Bandit, at a feeble 1, while the one with the most starting Intelligence is the Sorcerer, at 14.

Stat development[]

Intelligence Level Total Magic Bonus Magic Bonus Gain
1 50 0
10 57 7
20 80 23
30 102 22
40 140 38
50 155 15
60 162 7
70 170 8
80 185 15
90 192 7
99 200 8

NPC interactions[]

Certain characters will only interact with the Bearer of the Curse if they have at least a certain amount of Intelligence. These character can still be spoken to if the requisite stats are lowered to an amount below the requirements with a Soul Vessel as long as they were spoken to at least once previously. Non-innate Intelligence from items such as Ring of Knowledge or Blackweed Balm cannot be used to meet these requirements.

For Straid of Olaphis the minimum amount of Intelligence needed is 3, a requirement that only the Bandit class cannot meet by default, and for Carhillion of the Fold and Felkin the Outcast this amount is 8 (the latter also requires having at least 8 Faith at the same time).

Certain have further interactions with even higher amounts of intelligence: Carhillion will give the Northern Ritual Band +1 if spoken to with at least 30 Intelligence, and Felkin will gift the Sunset Staff and the Hexer's Set if spoken to with at least 20 Intelligence (also requires having at least 20 Faith at the same time.