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Intelligence is a stat in Dark Souls.


Intelligence is a modifier for most catalysts, increasing the effectiveness of most sorceries. All sorceries have a base Intelligence requirement.

Intelligence is also a weapon damage modifier, increasing damage for Intelligence-scaling weapons. This includes certain unique weapons such as the Moonlight Greatsword and Velka's Rapier, as well as weapons upgraded down the Magic and Enchanted paths.

Weapon scalingEdit

The following are weapons that scale with Intelligence, and their level of scaling, when not upgraded. Weapon scaling may change when upgraded.


  • The sorcery with the highest Intelligence requirement, White Dragon Breath, requires 50 Intelligence.
  • The Pyromancy Flame scales with Intelligence. However, the scaling does not increase adjustment for pyromancies, nor does it increase the damage the Pyromancy Flame deals with its Strong Attack.

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