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This is a list of all the icons that appear in Dark Souls and on this wiki.

Attack values[]

Attack values determine how much base damage a weapon causes. The actual damage inflicted can be influenced by Parameter Bonuses.

Icon Description
Dmg phy Amount of Physical damage inflicted
Dmg mag Amount of Magic damage inflicted
Dmg fire Amount of Fire damage inflicted
Dmg lght Amount of Lightning damage inflicted
Dmg crit Critical attack damage bonus

Damage reduction[]

Damage reduction values are displayed on weapons and shields and determine the percentage of damage mitigated when blocking. For example, a shield with 95% physical damage reduction taking 100 damage will block 95 damage and the user will take only 5 damage.

Icon Description
Dmgrd phy Percentage of Physical damage reduction
Dmgrd mag Percentage of Magic damage reduction
Dmgrd fire Percentage of Fire damage reduction
Dmgrd lght Percentage of Lightning damage reduction
Dmgrd stbil Stability (a higher number means less stamina drain when blocking a hit)


Parameters are values that determine the stats of a character. Increased by leveling up spending souls.

Icon Description
Para vit large Vitality
Para attun large Attunement
Para endur large Endurance
Para str large Strength
Para dex large Dexterity
Para resist large Resistance
Para int large Intelligence
Para faith large Faith

Auxiliary weapon effects[]

Additional weapon effects:

Icon Description
Aux Bleed Bleed
Aux Divine Divine
Aux Occult Occult
Aux Poison Poison

Attack type defense[]

Attacks type defense values appear on armor pieces and determine how much defense they provide to a particular type of Physical Damage Type.

Icon Description
Def atk phy The amount of protection against Regular attacks
Def atk strike The amount of protection against Striking attacks
Def atk slash The amount of protection against Slashing attacks
Def atk thrust The amount of protection against Thrusting attacks

Elemental defense[]

Elemental defense values appear on armor pieces and determine how much defense they provide to elemental-based attacks.

Icon Description
Def sorc mag The amount of protection against Magic-based attacks
Def sorc fire The amount of protection against Fire-based attacks
Def sorc lght The amount of protection against Lighting-based attacks


Resistances are values that appear on armor pieces and determine bonus resistances.

Icon Description
Def res poise This value determines the character's Poise, or the ability to maintain one's offensive form while receiving attacks; the higher the number, the less likely one will be interrupted or staggered.
Def res bleed The amount of additional resistance to Bleed
Def res poi The amount of additional resistance to Poison and Toxic
Def res cur The amount of additional resistance to Curse

Self augmentations[]

The game indicates certain active Self Augmentation effects by displaying an icon below the players stamina bar. The following table links each icon to the corresponding effect.

Icon Effect Granted by
DS1 Effect icon 1 Increased damage with Counter Attacks Leo Ring
Increased damage with critical attacks Hornet Ring
Increased shot range Hawk Ring
Increased damage Channeler's Trident
DS1 Effect icon 2 Increased stamina regeneration Cloranthy Ring
Grass Crest Shield
Green Blossom
Mask of the Child
Increased health regeneration Sanctus
Bountiful Sunlight
Elizabeth's Mushroom
Reduced fall damage Fall Control
DS1 Effect icon 3 Increased defenses Ring of Steel Protection
Flame Stoneplate Ring
Thunder Stoneplate Ring
Speckled Stoneplate Ring
Spell Stoneplate Ring
Magic Barrier
Great Magic Barrier
Iron Flesh
Increased damage and stamina regeneration Power Within
DS1 Effect icon 4 Increased resistance to poison, toxic, bleed and/or curse. Bloodbite Ring
Poisonbite Ring
Cursebite Ring
Prevents enemies and allies in vicinity from casting spells Vow of Silence
More messages visible Seek Guidance
DS1 Effect icon 5 Increased spell damage Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring
Crown of Dusk
Increased number of attunement slots Darkmoon Seance Ring
White Seance Ring
DS1 Effect icon 6 Increased damage at low health Red Tearstone Ring
Increased defenses at low health Blue Tearstone Ring
DS1 Effect icon 7 Increased poise Havel's Greatshield
Wolf Ring
DS1 Effect icon 8 Increased Item Discovery Covetous Gold Serpent Ring
Symbol of Avarice
Increased number of souls gained Covetous Silver Serpent Ring
Symbol of Avarice
DS1 Effect icon 9 Silences the player Hush
Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring
DS1 Effect icon 10 Gain HP when defeating an enemy Ring of the Evil Eye
DS1 Effect icon 11 Prevents loss of souls and humanity upon death Ring of Sacrifice
Rare Ring of Sacrifice
DS1 Effect icon 12 Increased HP, Stamina and Equip Load Ring of Favor and Protection
DS1 Effect icon 13 Slower loss of weapon durability East Wood Grain Ring
DS1 Effect icon 14 Allows traversing the Abyss Covenant of Artorias
DS1 Effect icon 15 Reduced damage from lava Orange Charred Ring