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Ice Stallions are enemies in Dark Souls II: Crown of the Ivory King.


Multiple are found throughout the Frigid Outskirts. They only spawn during blizzards.


  • Charge: The Ice Stallion rushes forward with its head down and knocks down the player if it hits.
  • Backward Charge: The Ice Stallion jumps behind player and then charges from behind.
  • Electric Strike: The Ice Stallion attacks with its horns imbued with lightning.
  • Backward Electric Strike: The Ice Stallion attacks anyone attacking it from behind with its horns imbued with lightning.
  • Knock Down: The Ice Stallion knocks the player down with its front legs.
  • Backward Stomp: The Ice Stallion attacks anyone attacking it from behind with its back legs.
  • Electric Stomp: The Ice Stallion stomps the ground with its front legs and creates an electric field.
  • Flying: The Ice Stallion starts flying around the player. While airborne, it creates two electric spheres. A few moments after the Ice Stallion has landed, the electric spheres will start seeking targets.
  • Electric Charge: The Ice Stallion leaps backward and then it creates an electric charge, which then fires at the target it's aiming at.


Ice Stallions are particularly difficult enemies, especially for melee characters. Equipping any shield with 100% physical reduction and high stability will give the player some breathing room while fighting.

The most effective strategy is to stun-lock them, using heavy weapons. When using light weapons, equipping the Stone Ring will help in dealing enough poise damage to stun-lock. Careful management of stamina will allow the player to stun-lock continuously until the enemy is defeated.

Thrusting swords also work quite well, especially if the player has a greatshield and a decent amount of stamina.

Ice Stallions appear to have a very similar moveset to that of the Sanctuary Guardian from Artorias of the Abyss, and applying the same strategies may be useful.


Item Old Radiant Lifegem.png
Old Radiant Lifegem
Bone Fist.png
Bone Fist
Petrified Dragon Bone.png
Petrified Dragon Bone
Drop Rate ??? ???
(Co-op only)


  • Weak against Fire, resistant against Lightning.
  • At the beginning, only one stallion will appear during each blizzard. If it has not been defeated by the time the next blizzard starts, then another one will join the battle.
  • If the player dwindles too much in the area and kills too many of them, then they will start appearing in pairs every time, either until the area has been completed or until enough of them have been killed and don't spawn anymore (about 12~15). However, getting 'lost' or straying too far from the set path will cause more to spawn as per normal.
  • Ruined buildings scattered along the Frigid Outskirts and the crater near the boss room are safe zones and Ice Stallions won't spawn as long as the player is near one. They will, however, start appearing if the player walks far from one.
  • In the latest patch, Ice Stallion's poise has been buffed so it will be harder to stun-lock them.