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Ice Golems are enemies in Dark Souls II: Crown of the Ivory King.


Multiple Ice Golems are found throughout Frozen Eleum Loyce.


The Ice Golems attack in different methods compared to other enemies, being able to create weapons of ice out of their own limbs to strike the player.

Giant Club - This weapon has two uses; one being a one to two swing attack aimed horizontally. Then as a running overhead leap attack that they telegraph from a distance.

Ice Fist - This takes the form of a large gauntlet pulled over the right arm and can be initiated rather quickly, leading up to a three hit combo. Side stepping towards their left dodges the attack almost completely.

Ice Lance - The lance takes a moment for them to form, but can attack with decent speed and range. Usually with a long thrust that comes from beyond melee range, as well as a slight running start to add distance.

Ice Great Sword - Besides the Club this is the slowest weapon they use and can deal a surprising amount of damage in a short cycle. The employ both overhead and horizontal attacks with this weapon so keep on your toes is your best defense.

This is all of the weapons currently seen used by the Ice Golems; however, they could have other forms that have not been seen yet because they attack and choose weapons on a situational basis from time to time.