Hurl Spear is a skill in Dark Souls III: Ashes of Ariandel.

In-Game Description

Emulate the practice of the Followers by throwing an illusory spear that assumes temporary form.


The wielder readies the javelin, and after a short delay throws it directly at the target, dealing moderate damage.



The damage that the javelin deals is not overly impressive, however it is useful for providing the wielder with an immediate ranged option without having to switch to a bow or other ranged weapon. Provided that FP is properly managed, it can be a helpful asset for initiating aggro on enemies and even finishing them off.

Online gameplayEdit

Because of the delay in using this skill, it is easily dodged or interrupted if used by itself, as the wielder must close to within lock-on range of other players in order to stand a chance at hitting them, obviating the use of Obscuring Ring for the element of surprise. This delay also makes it a poor skill to attempt to use in duels.

Where this ability really shines is in invasions, for finishing off an inattentive or fleeing player who is at low health. Because it deals more damage per throw than an arrow from a bow and takes less time to ready than a greatbow, it can serve as a rude surprise when an enemy tries to retreat to safe range to use their Estus Flask. It's also useful when an enemy player turns tail to flee at low health, as the spear has enough range to hit them in the back and finish them off.


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