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Hunting Dogs, also known as Swollen Mongrels, are enemies in Dark Souls II.


Large four-legged beasts with pinkish skin and a featureless face. They stand on all four legs and use their front legs to claw their opponent and their mouth to bite them.


  • The Gutter
    • Three Hunting Dogs are scattered in specific, and usually darkened, spots throughout the whole stage.
  • Aldia's Keep


Most of the Hunting Dogs' attacks strike quickly and are not very telegraphed, thus their strikes can be hard to predict and dodge. Beware of their claw strike as it strikes very quickly and can cause a large amount of damage. Simply strafing behind after it uses its bite attack is an effective way to defeat them as they provide a brief time for the player to strike. You could consider using ranged weapons to counter them.

They can be parried, although it can be tricky to do so as most of their attacks have very little starting lag. One may attempt to knock them off the edges in the Gutter, however doing so may prove difficult as they have a lot of poise and do not stagger easily. However they are not very fast, and thus easily outran.


Claws: Swipes their claw very quickly. Uses one of its front legs to perform this move.

Bite: Opens its mouths and performs a chomp in the players direction.


Item Aromatic Ooze
Aromatic Ooze
Drop Rate Common Uncommon
(Company of Champions)



  1. Only if the player is member of the Company of Champions covenant.