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For the mechanic, see Humanity (gameplay mechanic).

Humanity is a restorative item in Dark Souls. It is also commonly known as solid humanity, to distinguish it from its liquid form.

In-Game Description

Rare tiny black sprite found on corpses. Use to gain 1 humanity and restore a large amount of HP.
This black sprite is called humanity, but little is known about its true nature. If the soul is the source of all life, then what distinguishes the humanity we hold within ourselves?


This item is automatically granted to players upon defeat of most bosses, and can be obtained through killing certain characters and enemies.


Corpse locations[]


General information[]

Consuming a Humanity will trigger a somewhat lengthy animation, restoring the player to full HP, as well as granting players one liquid humanity. It has no effect on status effects such as Bleed or Poison.

The Chaos Servant Covenant and the Darkwraith Covenant require the player to use liquid humanity as an offering in order to increase the player's rank within those covenants.

Having liquid humanity also increases item discovery chance (this stops increasing after 10 liquid humanity), as well as defenses (physical, magical, curse resistance, etc.).


Players do not lose solid humanity items upon death. This means that as long as players have Humanity in their inventory, they will not need to worry about running low.

Humanity is a popular item in PvP, as Lloyd's Talismans cannot block players from using humanity to heal; additionally, while phantoms cannot use Estus to heal in their hosts' world, they can use Humanity instead.

Humanity is not such a popular item for healing in PvE, as it takes longer to heal than Estus and is harder to replenish.